Welcome to Villa Klánovice

For the period of "the First Republic" , Klánovice was one of the most famous Czech resorts and still has a unique charm that makes this prestigious part of Prague a unique location full of greenery and unusual atmosphere. Sitting among the pine trees, the scent of the forest, the walk between the First Republic Houses and the above-standard civic amenities are just one of many reasons why a family house in Klanovice, close to the natural park, should not miss your attention.
From the 20s to 40s of the 20th century, Klánovice was an important center of rest for the Prague cream of society. Specifically in 1937-1938 was built this unique property, which was several times the place of filming movies and serials  since that time (last time you could see in czech comedy "Bobule2" for example).

Great reconstruction in 1992-1993, which has expanded the house by almost half - but with a totally identical architectural style of the original construction - and a spacious plot with a richly grown garden are just some of the many answers to why this property is suitable for both : family or representative corporate headquarters. 

The current layout layout of 5 + 1, thanks to the complete basement of the property and the loft space, is suitable for tailor-made customization and allows for wide use according to the needs of the new owner.